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Meet Alchemy at the MNYCA Fall Forum

Attending the MNYCA Fall Forum this year? The theme is cost effecive formulation. Our CEO, Sasha Novakovich, will do a digital "before and after." She'll show how IT can be truly enabling in the lab and across all the functions that need to collaborate to commercialize new products. If you can't make it to New Jersey, we’re happy to schedule time with you to show you how to accelerate development and get real-time visibility to every project in your lab. Please provide your contact information, so we can get a conversation on the calendar.

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Meet Alchemy at the Waterborne Symposium

Attending the Waterborne Symposium in New Orleans, LA in February 2020? We will be there and look forward to talking with you. If you’d like to schedule an in-person demo or meeting just send us your information and we will get it scheduled.

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Watch Alchemy's CEO presentation at CTT ‘19

Digital transformation has swept through many industries, creating winners and losers in each market. Think Blockbuster before Netflix, The New York Times before Google, or Hilton before Airbnb.

While we are still at the dawn of digital in the specialty chemicals industry, organizations that are driving business decisions based on data are already seeing early signs of success and leadership. In this presentation, we will demystify what digital transformation means for coatings companies, and provide actionable suggestions on how to bring digital out of the land of consultant speak and into practice.

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Analyst research and white papers for the
specialty chemicals industry

Scaling Digital
in Chemicals


Scaling up is about more than technology. It’s about building capabilities and choosing good partners.

Chemicals and capital
markets: Back at the top


Early 2018 sees the chemical industry back in position as the top performer in its value chain.

Chemical Executives
Expect Digital Disruptions


Risk of disintermediation may spur more experimentation.

95% of chemicals CEOs plan to innovate around technology over the next 3 years to drive improved process innovation .

 - IDC Research -